Stakeholders Analysis


The stakeholders of the school include the parents, the teachers, the learners, the Ministry of Education, the Teachers Service Commission, the administration, the local community, school administration and the suppliers.
The school administration consists of the Board of Management. The school expects B.O.M to manage the school gearing the ideas towards the success of the learners. On the other hand, we expect the school BOM, through the Principal to implement what it comes up with for the success of the school. This is because the BOM is the school’s policy maker.
The suppliers are expected to supply what the school requires like textbooks, stationery, building materials, science equipment on time. The school reciprocates by making prompt payments.
The parents expect that the school offers the best education to their students.
The teachers expect co-operation from the students and the parents so that they deliver what the curriculum requires. They also expect adequate recommendation for the work done. The government pays the TSC employees while the B.O.G pays their employees. However, there has been a drawback in insufficient salaries due to parents’ liability to pay school fees on time.
The learners expect to be taught well as per curriculum requirements, be guided and cancelled and finally they achieve their goals through good performance in internal exams and national exam.
The learners expect to be taught well as per curriculum, be fully implemented and the syllabus be covered on stipulated time.
The TSC, being the suppliers of teachers expects that teaching be done well since their employees are professionals. However, it is not able to supply teachers and the parents are forced to employ unqualified staff who do not implement the curriculum professionally.
The local community expects the school to be the source of educated minds that will uplift the standards of the community. This is in collaboration with the local administration that enacts law and order within the school environment.
However, all the stakeholders’ expectations are geared towards the national goals to be achieved through the vision 2030.

Objectives of our school

OBJECTIVES OF THE SCHOOLKiungururia Mixed Secondary School has the following mandates:- a)    To provide quality teaching and …

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