Role of Parents and Students


  1.     Parents

-          To make a sustained follow-up of the student’s academic performance to high grades

-          To provide appropriate funding and support for school programmes

-          To provide adequate support to the students emotionally, physically and spiritually

-          To support guidance and counseling programmes.

-          To ensure that the student maintains the highest levels of discipline and commitment.

  1.         Students

-          To be present in school and to attend all programs

-          To develop independent learning and revision programs.

-          To undertake all assignments, assessment tests and examination.

-          To maintain a healthy and interactive relation with the teachers.

-          To maintain the highest levels of discipline and commitment to learning.

-          To participate in career guidance and counseling programmes.

Objectives of our school

OBJECTIVES OF THE SCHOOLKiungururia Mixed Secondary School has the following mandates:- a)    To provide quality teaching and …

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